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July 14, 2012 12:09 am


Anonymous: lol you right but its easier for me to stay anonymous until after. im not a 40 year old creep incase you wonderin lol

you’re an anon asking if i want to see your schlong.

you’re  either an 18 year old creep or a 60 year old creep. 

July 13, 2012 11:54 pm


Anonymous: lol i can reveal myself after. that would be more comfortable for me

Um. You want me to watch you stroke and choke BEFORE I know who you are?

lil bit creepy anon, a lil bit creepy. 

11:49 pm


Anonymous: theres a webcam site to use instead. i want you to watch me

11:46 pm


Anonymous: would you watch a follower stroke his dick on cam?

I dont have skype anymore. If I did….maybe. 

11:40 pm


Anonymous: who's the person you want to be fucking right now?